Emily Bourne, Writer & YouTuber

Hyper. Satirical. Crazy.

Australian author of fictional books and YouTube content creator.

Emily Bourne is a laidback Aussie lass, until she becomes too hyperactive on her YouTube channel. Emily vlogs her writing experience and uses the platform to engage with other writers about the daunting process. She also engages readers with juicy tidbits about her beautifully flawed characters and emotional scenes from her novels.

Emily writes gushy romance, heart wrenching character growth, and anxiety driven scenes to make the coolest cat sweat. When she’s not writing, she’s on social media as her alias, Queen Emilicious, or hanging out with IRL friends with too much coffee… or wine… or both.

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The first book in The Brittany & Charli Series is currently in beta. I am drafting A Romance With A Twist and outlining a Young Adult Thriller. To learn more about my books, click here.