The First Time I was Published.

When I was in Year 4 I entered a short story competition, and while I wasn’t in the top ten, I was lucky enough to have my story published in the anthology.

Here is my first published story.  Please remember, I was ten. (I’m trying not to cringe.)




My pup Sneakey and I were going on a jog through a meadow of cattle, then right in front of our eyes was a beam that shot through the sky and picked up the whole heard of cattle, then shot back up to the sky in a flash. Sneakey and I couldn’t believe our eyes!

If you are wondering who I am, my name is Emily Bourne.  Sneakey and I kept on jogging along and up ahead was a time machine. We jumped in and there were two bright buttons. A  green one that said go and a red one that said stop. We pressed the green button and the door slammed shut. Shake, shake, shake. the time machine was travelling.

Then finally it stopped. The door opened and there were three aliens using shopping trolleys for cars. The sign on them read Jupiter. Oh no, Sneakey and I were on Jupiter. We saw the cows that had been shot up into the sky.

Why would aliens want cows – for milk, meat, what? Oh no, the aliens have spotted us. We went back into the time machine and pressed the red button. The door slammed shut. Shake, shake, shake. It stopped and the door opened and we were back in the meadow. We ran home.

I told my family that Sneakey and I had seen aliens but they didn’t believe me. The next morning Sneakey and I went to the police station but they didn’t believe us, so we went back to the time machine and went back to Jupiter. I took some photos for proof. Then we went back to the time machine, went back home and showed the photos to my family and then to the police and they all believed us.

Sneakey and I were on television and the front page of the newspaper. We were movie stars in Hollywood. We were in a movie called “A New World”. We were millionaires.

Then we went back home to our family with everything we wanted and live as merry as could be.

– Emily Bourne, Mulyan Primary School


Ok you have no idea how difficult it was to not edit that! I do remember how hilarious I thought it was to see aliens driving around in shopping trolleys for cars. At the time I wrote “New World” I remember having a lot of fun with it, and enjoying the ability to be creative.

Hope this  gave you a laugh, and perhaps got you to thinking about something fun from your past that blossomed into a passion.  Leave a comment if so, I’d love to hear your story.

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