Thank you so much.

I can’t believe the support I have received.  Self doubt can be our worst enemy.

The most random people have been sending me messages wishing me luck with the book. Thank you so, so, so much! I seriously didn’t expect the amount of support I have been receiving. It is greatly appreciated.

I started writing stories when I was six or seven years old. I still remember the first story I wrote at home for fun. It was about Torty the Tortoise who lost her mother and was trying find her. I was pretty proud of it. (I believe it is in a drawer somewhere, just not sure at my house or my parents…) It was a well rounded journey story, she met other characters along the way, and in the end got her goal of finding her mother. It was even illustrated, for crying out loud.

I remember having a sleepover and my friends found the story. I was wide eyed and excited for them to read it. They laughed at it and made fun of me for making spelling mistakes. I was heart broken. It never stopped me from writing, but it did stop me from sharing my work.

I came up with the concept for “Brittany & Charli” on a sick day when I was 14. I was writing and rewriting it from 14 to 17 and I was always on guard when I had friends over and they would find it and make fun of if. I was incredibly proud of my work and extremely protective of these two girls I had created. Hell, I still am! It’s been over ten years that I’ve been looking after them.

It has taken a lot of guts for me to finally be ready to share their story. So, again, I can’t thank you enough or your kind words and hitting like on my posts. I hope to have something in print by next year.

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