How productive was I?

I felt like I really ditched my novel this week.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to write much over the weekend as I had a lot of commitments on during the day.  At night I used up all my time getting pages on my website up to scratch.

During the week there was a lot of trying to blame the cold on not writing.  It’s not a valid excuse.  I write in bed, with a cup of tea, nestled in a blanket.  The cold should help not hinder.

I had high hopes of getting chapters 2 & 3 completed.  They are both half-written. Sigh! So now my new goal is to have up to and including chapter 6 knocked out by end of May.  I hope I can do it!

I also had a MASSIVE realisation about my book.  So as you may already know, I began work on “Brittany & Charli” over ten years ago when I was in high school.  The original story only covered the twins lives during year 10.  I then came up with a second story when they begin year 11.  I loved the concept for story 2, and it couldn’t happen without the events of story 1. When beginning work on B&C this year I decided to combine the two stories.  I thought this would make it one epic book.

I now think I was wrong…

The book will be way too long.  I considered keeping it as one story and splitting it into 2 parts.  However, the parts are just too different.  When I look at the outline I can clearly see it should be two books.  They go perfectly together.  They mirror each other, and need to be separate.

The only way I could force myself to keep writing the book!

So, the big update is, drum roll please, I now have two books in the works! “Brittany & Charli: Juniors” and “Brittany & Charli: Seniors.”  I am working on both blurbs now, and hopefully have them on the Books page soon.

I am jittery with excitement over this.  My outline is still the same, just split into two.  I can see the finish line for “Brittany & Charli: Juniors” is so much closer.

Before I split them, I couldn’t see how the book could be under 200,000 words; which is just crazy for a YA novel.  Two books at 100,000 word ain’t bad, right?  Right?

I’d better get back on to writing this masterpiece.  Please leave a comment and let me know what else you would like to know about the book or my writing process.

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