May & June, 2017 Goals

This week I worked on motivation and goal-setting.

The first half of the week I felt completely wiped out. I questioned how I was going about all my goals.  What exactly were my goals?

I know I want to finish my first draft. That’s priority number one. Next will come editing, sending to beta readers and then off to an editor.

I know I want to continue building a platform. I want to stick to posting twice a week to this blog.

But exactly how was I fitting all this in? How was I getting any of it accomplished?

Big thanks go out to Kristen Martin. She is a fellow YA writer, and an absolute idol of mine. She also works a full time job outside of writing. She has managed to publish three books, and has another series in the works. She’s a rockstar.

Kristen has the same positive, optimistic outlook that I have. Naturally, I gravitated towards following her vlogs on YouTube. She speaks a lot about goal-setting and mindfulness.

Her tip I loved the most was journaling three whole pages first thing in the morning. I feel so clear, focused and motivated after I journal. Do yourself a favour and check out Kristen here.
My heaven-sent journal.

I’ve been working hard at my May & June goals for a balanced lifestyle. I started May with unrealistic goals. Now I have paired them back.  Thinking about my yearly goals, and what I can do over the two months to achieve them.  Then I looked at the acts I can accomplish daily to keep on track.

Yearly Goal: Publish my first novel

Monthly goals:
Write at least two blog posts per week
Post to blog every Wednesday & Sunday
Add 20,000 words to my manuscript every month
Add “Brittany & Charli: Juniors” synopsis to website!


Daily goals:
Spend 2 hours at night writing at least 1,000 words (Tuesday & Wednesdays off days)
Try to come up with blog post ideas on a daily basis


Yearly Goal: Be a healthier, well balanced person


Monthly goals:
Meal prep every Sunday
Exercise at least three times a week
Go to my hometown and visit my family once every 2 months
Catch up with at least one friend per month
Write a TBR List
Clean my room every Friday night


Daily Goals:
Write 3 pages in my journal every morning
Work my 8 hours on weekdays focusing on work only
Go for at least a ten minute walk daily
Read for half an hour on week nights
Go to sleep by 9.30pm every night (Fridays & Saturdays exempt)


When it came to writing, I really wanted to set it to at least 1,500 words a night. But it seemed to pushy. I can easily nut out 800 words. When I pushy myself for an extra 200, it usually starts flowing and I reach a couple of hundred over 1,000. So that’s a great victory.


Reading every night has been so peaceful. At the moment I’m reading another contemporary YA novel which has two different POVs. (Sound familiar?) It has been so great seeing how another author flips between the two characters’ point of view. It’s a very entertaining read; “When it Happens” by Susane Colasanti.


You may have laughed at the ten minute walk. Think about it. Sometimes you need to remind yourself to move around. I do; working a desk job and writing a book! It’s getting hella cold in Canberra, so I kept the minimum requirements fairly low. I know I can beat the timeframe though.


Telling myself to not think about the book while I’m at work has been a fantastic decision. I don’t have brain fog at work, and I am so much more productive at home. I haven’t been trying to lock down a scene in my mind and have to try and retrieve it when its writing time. A de-cluttered mind indeed.


If I stick to this for one month I reward myself with going to the movies. A big treat as I never do this!


If I stick to this for two months I’m going to reward myself with a manicure.  So watch this space to see if I stick to my guns and get these goals kicked!


After the two months I will reevaluate my goals. I should have room to grow by then. Maybe with a higher word count. Possibly revising a few chapters. (How exciting!)


Eventually I’ll incorporate research into self publishing and all that jazz. Gots to get my financials in order. However, right now that feels like a lot of pressure. I’d rather get words down on the page and get my health and lifestyle in order.


In other news: Check out this link. The synopsis for “Brittany & Charli: Juniors” is up.  (One goal crossed off already, Yippee!)


Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Also, what are your daily, monthly, yearly goals? What’s your dream you want to be a reality?

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