Climbing the Steps like Rocky

I am completely pumped right now. It is like I completed a marathon and I am ready to do a few more laps.

This week I tackled some scenes I have been putting off. I don’t know if it was because I knew them really well.  If I just couldn’t be bothered to get the words down? Nevertheless, they are cooked!


The feeling of accomplishment is amazing. There is a scene after it that is quite tricky also. The way writing the other scenes has made me feel, I’m super excited to get this one done too. It is a sad scene, and they are my favourite to write, so extra points there.

My biggest issue at the moment is time management. For example, I want to be writing that sad scene right now.  But, it’s Tuesday night, this blog still needed to be written.  then there is the whole editing and proofreading part.

As I stated in last Wednesdays blogs, I created a list of goals. These have been amazing at helping me get things accomplished. But some things, such as blog posts, need to be schedule at different times each week. Each day of the week can vary depending on what’s on.

So now I am buying a planner. I’m actually going to buy THE HAPPINESS PLANNER. Goes with my optimistic outlook.  Plus I love the design. It will help my see ahead, as I tend to live my life with blinkers on.  It’s all about the manuscript.  I schedule like a bandit at work. I need to be as Type-A away from the office.

I am still journaling every morning. I do this on the bus to work. It has been the best way to start my day. I’ve been hella more productive. My goals have help me stay accountable. For instance, last Friday I sincerely did not want to clean my bedroom. (I was being a child as usual.) But I published it on my blog, and told my self; it had to get done. So after three hours of kicking it on my bed with my lappy-tappy, I finally hauled arse and did it.

I kept my word counts up even though I went back to my hometown to see my family (a bi-monthly goal checked). It’s great to get personal things done without losing track of your other goals. I came home tired on Sunday so I didn’t meal prep. I moved it Monday so I still get a tick.


I’ve kept my reading up. I’m almost finished “When it Happens” by Susane Colasanti. It’s an entertaining read, but I am so disappointed with the kissing scenes. It’s a YA Romance. Susane is great at the build up. You can completely feel how Tobey and Sara are feeling up to the moment. Then there is just a line or two to let you know if the kiss is good or bad. Then I shake the book in the air and make an irritable grunting noise.

It’s definitely given me more motivation to make sure my romantic scenes are much more juicer.  Honestly, I already know mine are better.  (Sorry Susane!)
In other news I’ve started a newsletter. I plan to reward my subscribers with sneak peaks and behind the scenes goodies. If you sign up you will get to see all the new stuff before it gets published to the blog or snapped on Instagram. So please feel free to sign up. Click here and write in the comments you’d like to join.

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