Keep On Keepin’ On

My day job totally got in the way of my productivity this week.  It was bat-shit-crazy.
Remember last week when I was all pumped to write my next scene?  Well, that didn’t happen until Saturday night.

Wednesday is an off night for writing.  I was still having neck and shoulder pain from my fall the other week.  I went to yoga and my body felt so tight. It was like I was a newbie all over again.  I went home that night, had dinner, watched some writer vlogs and read.

Thursday and Friday had big plans.  But no.  I was so exhausted for ten-billion things going wrong at work.  I had fried my brain, so no writing.  I let Thursday be an off day as well because I wrote my blog on Tuesday, so that’s technically still a word count.  And Friday I took some Skillshare classes, so I kept my mind on writing… at least.

IMG_2357My new read is “About Last Summer” by Patricia Tighe.  It’s yet to be released, I am doing an ARC review.  Gosh, I wish I wasn’t.  I really dislike it.  It is so flat.  I’m halfway through; it is a struggle to read. There has been nothing to make me gasp or make me want to keep flipping the page.  My promise to review it is the only thing keeping me reading.  I liked the premise, a girl on holidays in her own country, pretending to be a foreigner.  Then you find out the girl doesn’t even want to be doing that, so it is unenjoyable to read.


It flips POV between her character, Gabby, and a male character, Noah.  There is no change in voice for the characters.  I find myself having to flip back pages to work out which character I am reading from.  It honestly feels like I am reading a first draft, not a book near release.  The characters don’t know what to do next, and seem to hate everything they are doing.  I’ll give it the other half to win me over, but I would have put this book down before I reached 100 pages.

I crushed some scenes over the weekend.  I’ve found writing in reverse order has worked wonders.  I use Scrivener, so this is easy to do.  Sometimes knowing the outcome makes it easy to write the events leading up to it.  I woke up at 2am on Saturday and wrote the scene I wanted to write on Tuesday.  Not on purpose.  But I was awake and wanted to catch up.  A few thousand words later, and I’m still meeting my weekly goal.

79cccf08-81fe-4fe4-ba0e-b09da31926f3I bought myself a love gift of Belgium chocolates to keep myself chained to the laptop.  It worked.
I don’t really have any specific goals for next week.  Sticking to my May & June goals is all I care about.  They easily keep me on track.
Still awaiting my Happiness Planner in the mail.  Keep on checking my mail box like an eager beaver.

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