The Month of May, 2017

May has been and gone. It was the first month I tried sticking to specific goals. I’m doing bi-monthly goals, so right now I am at the halfway point.

I’ve been slack with my meal prep. I’ve only done this about 50% of the time. Same with exercising. I’ve had problems with fitting in exercising because I always want to write instead. I need a better schedule, so I know I have time to fit in exercise and not have writing on the brain.

I’ve checked off my family and friends goals, so this obviously more important to me.  I went back home for mother’s day and we went antiquing and exploring through this little town.
I’ve really upped my reading and am sad when I skip it. I usually go to sleep after, so it’s improved my sleep patterns tremendously.

And the big one; writing! Hitting 5,000 words per week. However, not entirely on my novel. This blog is a commitment needing attention also.

One of my bi-monthly goals was to publishing the synopsis of my debut work-in-process. This has been completedClick here to give it a read!

I’m going to say May was a success. I’ve never stuck to goals before, and this was a great start. It is now so much easier to check on my progress and know what is important to me.

I’ve incorporated something new for June.  A habit tracker.  I had to really think about how well I did in May.  so this will be a nice little overview to see how well I actually do June.
How did you go with your goals?  Any successes?  If you had any failings, can you pinpoint why?

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