When the Bullies Bully.

Bullies bully. But why? I don’t remember the reasons why bullying happened when I was I high school.
The number one way to get at me was the fact I had a moustache from the age of ten. Yep, that’s right; ten! Hormones be crazy.
Obviously this got some air time. I’ve never cared much about hair above my lip, so it was never long-lived. But it was a re-occurrence.
I’ve always been strong-willed. Bulling luckily didn’t affected me a great deal. (Hmmm, I do remember having a hate list… and feigning illness a lot to go home sick, but I digress). My point is, I didn’t take much note of the people saying the hurtful things.
Does anyone really? We take to heart.  We focus on what truths lie behind the mean things. As for the person who said it, what does it say about them?
I have to wonder how bad a bully is. Ok, the ones that physically hurt others I don’t have any time for. I don’t condone violence in any form. I don’t even enjoy action movies. When someone puts down another person, are they just hurting themselves? Do they feel so bad that hurting others is the only way to find a scrap of self worth. One little ping that will lift their spirits for a brief moment.
I remember trying to undermine other girls when I was in high school. With a self-righteous attitude, for that moment in time I did think I was so much better. I was a nerd and trying to scramble up from the bottom of the food chain.
Maybe that’s all it is for everyone.  The blonde Barbies at school are as scared as you.  They don’t want the others to find their insecurities. That one that picks on you.  You know the one.  Her defence is pointing out your flaws to deflect from her own?
Deep down inside, a bully is either angry, bitter or even sad. If you are being bullied, I don’t expect you to sympathise with your bully. I do hope you can rise above it in some form. The bully is harming themselves with their spiteful actions. You are unfortunately in the crossfire.

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