It’s My Birthday!

On the 16th June, I turned 28. this year I didn’t wake up with wonder at what I would do with my life. I have had a lot of adventures so far, yet I’ve always felt a tad lost.  I now feel like my life actually has purpose. I am working on my passion. It doesn’t matter how it takes, or how well others receive it. I am doing it for me. I am deliriously happy.


I posted on my Instagram the morning of my birthday, that perhaps I could make the release date of my debut novel 16th June, 2018.  I have so much to do.  So much goal-setting.  I can make it happen.


On the 15th June I spent the day at the Wheeler’s Centre for the YA Masterclass. This was part of The Emerging Writer’s Festival. I will have a write up about that day on Wednesday. This meant I spent part of my birthday in the lovely city of Melbourne.


Well, I thought it was lovely. I don’t know what was happening down there, but damn, people were so rude. I was walking through the streets and was constantly run into by people. It also felt like people were deliberately blowing a cigarette smoke in my direction.  I realise that is my hang up.  I’m not in a hurry to go back.


My parents gave me some money for my birthday, so I spent a large chunk of my time in Dymocks. I was in an row alone and as I read the back cover of a book, I stood slightly in the middle of the aisle. someone barged straight into me. “Excuse me is a word you know!” Especially when the person is reading. They are not going to notice you. And in a bookstore! Its readers’ church.


But through the not so nice parts, there were highlights.  I walked past an alley way and the smell of spray paint hit me.  I looked up the bath and some kids were finishing up a mural.  I had one of those lightning strike moments.  there is a character in my book I was contemplating axing as he served no purpose.  in that moment, his back story came flooding into my mind.


I had a very decadent breakfast. I went to a French bakery and sat down to coffee, a chocolate croissant and an apricot and pistachio tart. I opened my laptop and read over my work-in-progress outline.


As I walked through the streets of Melbourne, I longed for the day that writing will be my only job. how nice it would be and focus only on my passion. I began to wish I hated my day job. I can’t see how I ever will. I work for and with amazing people. And I get paid well, and that money is how I am funding my books. I had a grown up moment and told myself, “You are paying your dues. Keep on working on your novel while it there is still nothing to print. We can re-evaluate after publication.”


The two hours I spent in the massive Dymocks was a highlight of the day. Running my eyes over the young adult section and seeing a perfect spot for my books to go.  I bought myself a birthday present of “An Evil Mind” by Chris Carter. it is book six in the Detective Robert Hunter series. they had the next two as well. I considered I could have bought the other two and that would have been the gift from my parents. I decided against this. I would keep myself from the last two and make them rewards for different parts of my writing process.



My book haul also included: “On Writing” by Stephen King, “Get Started in Novel Writing” by Nigel Watts & Stephen May, and “Life.Love.Beauty.” By Keegan Allen. All that I can reference to help me in my writing journey.


The end of my night was divine. Cocktails with two special ladies I have known since I before kindergarten. Thank you ladies for lovely end to the beginning of 28.


And Happy Birthday to my brother, whose birthday is actually today!

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