Going Car-Less

On the 27th January, 2016, I was driving in my car and was t-boned by another car. I was thankfully fine. The car was a write-off. It took quite some time for the insurance money to come through. In the meantime I took to riding the bus to and from work. I first thought this was going to be a major inconvenience, and couldn’t wait to buy another car.

With peak hour traffic, riding the bus didn’t take any longer to get to and from work. A couple of weeks without a car, I decided to experiment and see how long I could actually last without a car. Everyone continually asked what was happening with my car. Assuming insurance had never come through. I had been wanting to get my finances sorted for quite some time. I decided to save a couple of grand before rushing into a new car. I kept hearing “wait til winter comes” when people couldn’t see me lasting without a car. I’m the type of person where you tell me “I have to” do something, I am going to try my damnedest to do the opposite. Soon my goal was to go a year with out a car.


It has now been 18 months without a car. I have not been inconvenienced. I live in walking distance to a supermarket, doctor, dentist and hairdresser. The bus stop is right next to my house. It’s only difficult when I want to leave town to visit family and there is some logistics to work out. It only means planning ahead. Being without a car has made me into a highly organised person. I schedule everything. Its programmed me into a better person, which has helped with my writing goals.

Recently my parents went overseas for a week. I borrowed their car in that time to see if I like to get one and if there were and advantages. I found that I was less productive in that week. I missed my morning journaling I do on the bus trip to work. Journaling sets the tone for the day and gets me focused towards my goals. I didn’t enjoy sharing the road with impatient drivers or searching for parking spaces. I felt tired at the end of the day. I’m usually so relaxed having someone else drive me home.

The result of this experiment is that I won’t be getting a car anytime soon. I like not forking out for rego, insurance and petrol. I like how much money I save each week. I like being able to write whilst travelling to and from work. I like a ten minute bus ride to the mall and walking straight in, instead of getting irate in a parking lot.

The idea is not worry about what society says you “have to do”. “Have to” makes my blood boil. Leave a comment if you are living your life in a way someone else finds strange. How does it improve your life?

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