July & August, 2017 Goals

I have to say I was pretty proud of myself sticking to goals in May & June.  May was great.  I was diligent with my reading and writing goals.  I kept to my personal goals.  My manuscript crept up to 45K words.


Things changed up a bit in June.  I established a habit tracker.  It was a grid I could colour in when I wrote, read, exercise, etc.  This way I could have a visual information representation of the month.  The reading dropped off so I could focus more on writing.  I also learnt I didn’t exercise and ate a lot of junk food…


Sad announcement.  I have a bi-monthly goal to not post to my blog.  July and August is dedicated to completing my first draft of “Brittany & Charli”.


Yearly Goal: Publish my first novel

Monthly goals:

  • Finish my first draft by end of August
  • Write every night between 7pm and 9pm
  • Delete all social media apps until first draft is completed
  • Take a hiatus from blogging to focus sololy on completing the first draft.



I have two plans for finishing my draft.  A daily word count goal or chapter goal for which ever works best at the time.  Some of my chapters are massive so it will take longer than a day to complete.  At the moment I’m knocking over a chapter a night because I’m rewriting from 3rd person to 1st, so it’s easy.  Once I’m writing fresh I’ll really have to push myself.


I’ve really loved writing the blog.  I love getting messages from people saying they are enjoying reading.  A blog post takes up a lot of my time and interrupts me from writing the book.  After the first draft is done, I’ll have many adventures to blog about.  From, editing and revising, beta process, picking cover designers and professional editors.  Right now my best option is to pause on blogging.  It’s phenomenal I have a great readership already.  But I really want you guys to be able to read the book.  So that’s priority numero ono.   


Catch you on September first!

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