The Writing Rituals Tag

The Writing rituals Tag was created by Kim Chance and Mandi Lynn; two fabulous writer's and YouTuber's.  The tag is a series of questions asking you how you write and what you need to help you write.  I was tagged by fellow writer and YouTuber April Taylor to complete the tag. Watch On YouTube 1. [...]

Establishing A Writing Routine

Watch on YouTube I have spent months working on the perfect writing routine.  I finally found it.  I want to share with you what it is and how it came to be. I need tangible constraints to work in.  I first made a chart, tracking an end goal of 90,000 words.  It was something ridiculous like 2k [...]

Creating Daily Habits

Watch on YouTube I have been highly motivated in 2017.  I have many goals I want to accomplish.  I realised I needed a daily routine in order to get everything done. I started off setting alarms for everything in my to-do list.  Ranging from: 6am - Wake Up 6.30am - Pack Work Out Gear 7am [...]