Establishing A Writing Routine

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I have spent months working on the perfect writing routine.  I finally found it.  I want to share with you what it is and how it came to be.

I need tangible constraints to work in.  I first made a chart, tracking an end goal of 90,000 words.  It was something ridiculous like 2k a day.  It quickly failed.

I have 3 ways to keep myself in a writing routine.

#1 – Word Count

I use a 1,000 words per day as a push to write.  Most days I could write 1,500 words. This will make me feel good about myself because I surpassed my goal. 1k is small enough, that on the days that I’m “just not feeling it”, I can continue to push until I get there.

#2 – Time Management

I work full time.  I write between 7.30pm and 9.30pm.  It gives me enough time to get home from work, get in a work out, shower and have dinner.  I give myself days off from writing, Friday & Saturdays.  Per week I should add 5k to my manuscript.  On Sundays I tend to write more than 1k, so I’m always a little ahead.

#3 – Outlining

The best way to get my mojo flowing, is looking at my outline.  I can look ahead of time at what scene is next and if I can get through more than one in a writing session.  I get tripped up when I change POV in the story and lose momentum.  Looking ahead can make me prepared for that.

Writing your manuscript is a completely personal experience.  I use a mixture of word count, time and scene outlines as safety nets.  I’ve demolished room for excuses.  As a result, I wrote 57,000 words in 6 weeks, completing 60% of my chapters.  I’m confident I could complete my first draft in early September.

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