September & October, 2017 Goals

Ok, July and August are over.  Time to reflect and set some new goals!

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sept n oct

How did I go?  Well, I planned to have the first draft of “Brittany & Charli” book 1 completed by August 31st, 2017.  Nope! But I did get to chapter 34 of 38! That deserves a hurrah.

I wanted to write every single day.  Nudda. I burnt out.  I smashed through July with Camp Nanowrimo, gaining over 32,000 words in my manuscript. However, in my video, I showed you how I didn’t write everyday. I know set Fridays and Saturdays as days off from writing. I love it.

I wanted to delete all social media apps until the draft was completed… I was back on August 1st. No regrets. I love talking with you all too much.

My last goal was to take a hiatus from blogging until I completed the draft.  Well, if you’ve been readying the last few posts… and this one… you know that wasn’t seen through. I’m not back on my old schedule of every Wednesday and Sunday. Now, every Tuesday there is a blog post on this site, and a complimentary video on YouTube.

My last bi-monthly goals were far too one sided. I am now listing my health as a much bigger priority.

September & October Goals

  1. Drink more water
  2. Exercise for half an hour, 5 days per week
  3. Visit at least one friend per month
  4. Visit family at least once over the 2 months
  5. Pamper myself on Friday and Saturday nights
  6. Tweet daily
  7. Create a business/publishing plan
  8. Create a marketing plan
  9. Create and maintain an editorial calendar
  10. Plan for Nanowrimo
  11. Work my 8 hours with full dedication to my job
  12. Do one round of edits on “Brittany & Charli” book 1


I am excited to get under way with these goals, and to have you guys keep me accountable.  Please let me know if you have started goal setting.  If you have a blog or video on your goals, please link it below in the comments or Tweet me @queenemilicious.

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