How to Write a First Draft | Party Time


I finished my first draft! 82,259 words, 38 chapters, 222 pages. Lemme hear another woohoo!!! I still have a ways to go; adding more detail and editing out the bad writing. But I am on the way to completing it. Every step deserves a party.


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Through my experience, I’ve come up with a few tips to help you finish your first draft.

1. Have a plan

Create character sketches and a plot outline. It will help you stay on track and avoid tangents that result in unfinished manuscripts.

2. Have a routine

Set a time each day, or set days of the week to write. Times that work for you between school or work which will help you get words down on the page.

3. Perfection does not exist

Just write the words. Write what you feel when you are writing the scene. You are going to have many drafts to get through. Worry about the spelling and grammar later.

4. Get to the point

Write the main plot first. Don’t get bogged down in creating layers to your story. That will come later. Get to the point and tell the important parts.

5. Listen to your body

Do not force yourself to write. If your eyes are going to fall out of your head, if you need to lie down, do it. Don’t guilt yourself into writing. Take breaks to recharge. Without a healthy you, there is no book.

6. Just keep going

The middle feels endless. It tries to make every writer give up. Don’t let it win! Push through. You will be so happy you did. The end is so easy compared.

7. Love your story and your characters

If your writing this book, you already have love for it. Let your passion burn. It is the greatest tool to get you through the draft. There is a reason why you a writing this book. Keep reminding yourself.

How’s your writing going? I’d love to hear about your progress.  Comment below or Tweet Me @queenemilicious.

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  1. My notebook is my security blanket lol,it goes EVERYWHERE with me (yes,including the bathroom 😛 ) I do have one idea that I love most right now and help with an outline would be so appreciated.

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  2. Hi Emily, I loved this piece. I feel like I can relate a little especially to the first point. For years I have had this idea bouncing around in my head for this epic fantasy I wanted to write, so last year, I finally started, and I got 5 pages in then BOOM …new idea different genre and its taken over my thoughts. I haven’t written an outline or even created more than 2 characters but traits and random bits of dialogue will pop into my head randomly. So here I am, one year one and I have half a chapter of one book, half an idea for another book, a writers notebook full of phrases like “diamond sand” and “macho is afraid of blood” and a baby blog that I inexplicably decided to create yesterday. In answer to your question….How is my book going? Not well lol.

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    1. Oh wow, Kerry. You are an idea machine! Do you have one book idea you love more than the other? If you want to finish one, you’ll have to choose and put one ahead of the other. I LOOOOVE the sound of your notebook with quotes through it. I used to write epic pieces of dialogue and sock them away because they didn’t yet have a scene. Creating those little bits and pieces can be really fun.
      Do you want to create an outline? I’ve found a few ways to create one. I could help you out if you like?


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