The All Hallows Write Tag | Happy Halloween!

I was tagged by the lovely Dahlia Burroughs to do the #allhallowswrite tag! Originally created by Sam Kasse. Watch On YouTube It begins with two rules: Rule 1: Give a brief description of your novel. My novel is in a trilogy with the working title "Brittany & Charli: Book 1". It follows the story of [...]

Book Baby Blues

#BookBabyBlues Watch on YouTube On 3rd September, 2017, I finished the first draft of my work in progress "Brittany & Charli: Book 1".  As you know, I had a bit of party on my blog.  Now I'm here to discuss what can happen once the party is over. Of course I am still over the [...]

NaNoWriMo Plans 2017

I spoke in my September & October Goals blog about planning for NaNoWriMo. The planning has been done. Let's discuss my decision. Watch On YouTube Fun Summer Read When I was drafting "Brittany & Charli: Book 1" another story would not leave me alone. I quietly told myself that after I finished my draft I [...]

Does Every Writer Need A Blog?

Hello everyone. We're talking blogs. Does every writer really need a blog? Let's get under way. Watch On YouTube 1. Short answer: No. If you don't want to write a blog, or have a vlog on YouTube, then don't. Easy done. 2. Working to deadlines Having a set schedule, even if your blog has nothing [...]

The Benefits of Journaling

  I mentioned journaling in my Creating Daily Habits post. Now it's time for the journaling post! Here's five benefits to maintaining a journal. Watch On YouTube You can work out what is bothering you. Write until you reveal your true feelings or something you have been bottling up. It's freeing because it's a conversation but 100% [...]