The Benefits of Journaling



I mentioned journaling in my Creating Daily Habits post. Now it’s time for the journaling post! Here’s five benefits to maintaining a journal.

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  1. You can work out what is bothering you. Write until you reveal your true feelings or something you have been bottling up. It’s freeing because it’s a conversation but 100% private.

  2. You can make plans. Write out a to do list for a day, week or month. Or use it to plan out a tricky scene in your book.

  3. Spur creativity. Handwriting helps get the creative juices flowing. If you type, it still helps propel your creativity by writing.

  4. Helps start your day on a positive note. You can journal at night and still achieve the same result. If you journal in the mornings, you can work through any issues, look over your goals, and feel ready to take on the world. It always puts me in a good mood.

  5. Journaling can be whatever you want it to be. You can draw, write poetry, write a letter to your future self. You can use journaling prompts, almost like short stories. You can use it daily or once in a blue moon.

Do you use a journal? How have you found it helpful? Comment below or Tweet Me @queenemilicious.

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