Does Every Writer Need A Blog?

Hello everyone. We’re talking blogs. Does every writer really need a blog? Let’s get under way.


Watch On YouTube

1. Short answer: No.

If you don’t want to write a blog, or have a vlog on YouTube, then don’t. Easy done.

2. Working to deadlines

Having a set schedule, even if your blog has nothing to do with writing, helps you work to deadlines. It sets your routine and forces you to plan, write and edit to a specific date.

3. Gives you accountability

You will gain followers who learn about your goals. You are going to want to meet expectations. For example, finishing that book!

4. Helps you perfect your writing

Your posting publicly. You are going to want your writing to be without errors. Someone will be reading!

5. Helps remove filter words

I use “just” and “really” a lot when writing. The hemingwayapp pulls me up all the time. Now, after months of blog posts, if I see those words, I want to stab them.

6. Gives you a break from your manuscript

This can be great when you are up to a tricky scene. Or you’ve been writing your book too many days straight. Changing up the subject matter when writing can do wonders.

7. Promote your book and yourself as a brand

People read your blog, or watch your vlogs, because they like you. Use your blog to your advantage before you have work to publish. People grow to know you, and when you are ready for publication, they will want to buy the book.

Personally, I use Word Press and absolutely love it. It’s user friendly and aimed towards bloggers.

Do you have a blog? Are you on the fence? Are you a flat out no? I’d love to get your opinion. Comment below or Tweet Me @queenemilicious.

Watch On YouTube

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