Book Baby Blues


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On 3rd September, 2017, I finished the first draft of my work in progress “Brittany & Charli: Book 1″.  As you know, I had a bit of party on my blog.  Now I’m here to discuss what can happen once the party is over.

Of course I am still over the moon that I finished my book. It was a smidge over 2 months and 80,000 words and a lot of hard work and sacrifice. I am super confident in how to write a book, however in the world of editing and revising, I am feeling a tad lost.

I was down on myself. I rushed into reading through my manuscript. I should have given myself a bigger break. I read through ten chapters and was overwhelmed by dread. I have so much work ahead of me. It piled on top of me and I started to hide. When I get overwhelmed and scared, I start to ignore my health. For 3 weeks I wasn’t eating right, and I barely exercised. My mood plummeted and I was not a joy to be around.

On 5th October I started the I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program. 2 weeks in, I can only give it the highest of recommendations. You get weekly meal plans, a shopping list, and lots of educational reading on nutrition and general well being. I bought the book 2 years ago, and tackled the program solo. That was when I was not writing a book. Now that my life is being taken over by fictional people, I need all the help I can get!

I always think of Brittany & Charlotte Matthews as my babies. They have been my babies for ten years. They area a part of my life as much and it is a part of my life to tell the story. I get so emotional about it because it is important and I want to do the very best by them.

I can’t imagine how mothers feel after giving birth. Being so overwhelmed and having no idea how to take care of their new born. That is some horror movie shit! I have some words on a page and that is freaking me out more than enough. The book baby blues got a hold of me, and I am clawing my way back.

I’m optimistic in setting myself up new daily routines so I can get underway with a first round of revisions. I plan to start this on 1st November, 2017 to be my version of NaNoWriMo instead of creating a new draft.

How did you feel after writing your first draft? Did you give yourself enough time before going back to your WIP? Did you feel snowed under by the amount of work? Or did you feel excited and get straight to work? Please comment below or tweet me @queenemilicious – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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