Authortube Newbie Tag | Writing Tag

Watch On YouTube! Being that this tag is 100% regarding YouTube, well AuthorTube to be more exact, I won't be answering the questions on the blog. I invite you all to hop over to my channel and check out the video. The video is conversational and you really get to learn a lot about me. [...]

The Sarcastic Writing Tag

We are kicking off November with a tag that I thought would be hilarious to do. Created by Victoria Griffin. The rules being, every answer has to be sarcastic or ridiculous. Or... like they are not going to be both... Whatever... Watch On YouTube Questions: 1. Where does your writing inspiration come from? Obviously not [...]

November & December, 2017 Goals

Ahoy-hoy Guys! It's that time again. Time to reflect on the past 2 months, and to create some new bi-monthly goals. I started bi-monthly goals in May, 2017. Quarterly goals seemed like too much time to stay focused, and monthly seemed like too much pressure. With bi-monthly goals, I have one month to try and [...]