November & December, 2017 Goals

Ahoy-hoy Guys! It’s that time again. Time to reflect on the past 2 months, and to create some new bi-monthly goals. I started bi-monthly goals in May, 2017. Quarterly goals seemed like too much time to stay focused, and monthly seemed like too much pressure. With bi-monthly goals, I have one month to try and smash them out, and the second month as back-up.

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nov dec goals

First and foremost, let’s look back on September & October. I became more mindful of my water intake, and every day I thought about how much movement I had made. I saw a large group of friends in September & October with the help of a wedding and my ten year high school reunion. Woot woot! I snuck in a visit with my family. I took it easy on weekends, and I tried to incorporate more of twitter in my day-to-day.

So the top half of the list got a heap of ticks. Then the bottom of the list went topsy-turvy. I took a SkillShare class on project management. I created a large projection for self-publishing and writing my series. It was massive. I had a panic attack. I could even think about the book I’d already drafted. It was fucked up, to be honest.

As for my marketing plan. I trialled some Facebook and Instagram ads. I didn’t find much benefit out of them, and won’t do them again anytime soon. But I am glad I know have the analytics. My editorial calendar is still chugging along. I wish I had more planned for Instagram and Facebook. I feel like I’m a bit haphazard with that.

I did plan for NaNoWriMo. You can click here for the blog post or here for the video. Big old tick on this one. I still am in love with my day job. With this one on my list, I will always get a tick. And trying to fit in a round of edits on my first draft was bonkers for these 2 months. I think I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

But this is all ok. I have a new set of goals:

  1. Read through and make notes on every chapter of “Brittany & Charli: Book 1” by Decemeber 1st, 2017. (I have created a My Write Club account so I can do this like a NaNoWriMo project.)
  2. Film Tag videos for November, 2017 (Now that I won’t have Nano vlogs to upload, this is my alternative)
  3. Film Christmas inspired videos for December, 2017.
  4. Stick to my clean eating diet with the help of the I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program.
  5. Continue to be mindful of my water intake. (At least 8 large glasses of water a day.)
  6. Exercise for at least half an hour a day, for five days a week.
  7. Journal daily, writing at least a full one page.
  8. Read for at least half an hour every day.
  9. Have a relaxing Christmas with my family, and plan for 2018.

I have no doubts I can tick off all 9 items. They are purposefully well-rounded and attainable. I am done being hard on myself, and pushing myself to extremes. I am confident and determined, and I know I am going to have my books published. I am just going to enjoy the ride getting there.

Good luck with all the goals you are setting. Do you find monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly goals more effective? Or do you have a completely different approach? Would love to hear your thoughts.

See you next Tuesday!

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