My Reading Goals for 2018

Tuesday I talked about bi-monthly goals, and thinking about overarching goals for the entire year.  One of my over-arching goals for 2018 is to read 50 books.

50 BOOKS!!

I don’t think I’ve ever reached such a number in one year.  Doing the maths, its about 4 books per month.  Thinking about it, it may be kinda crazy when I’m trying to draft a book series. But I can read some books quite quickly depending on subject matter and length.  Sometime I may only read 2.  Sometime I may have a break from writing and read 6!

I’ve learnt to unwind with television.  I’m just going to replace that down time with a book instead.  We all need goals.  We all need changes in mindset.  It can’t hurt to try!

How are you going with goal-setting?  Do you have any reading-related goals?  If you have any good book recommendations, please leave them below.

As always, there is a link to the related video here.

18 reafing.jpg

Em x

4 thoughts on “My Reading Goals for 2018

  1. I’m aiming for 30 books this year so 50 is massive! Good luck and happy reading. Feel free to recommend some books for the rest of us to have a read of too!

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