How To Journal Everyday

Last year was the first time I took a serious crack at journaling. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, but found I had trouble committing to writing everyday.

This year I have new plan of attack. I bought a planner diary with one date per page. Now I will always have a date dedicated to a page. It is easy to see where I’m up to and whether I have journaled for the day.

I hope I can write for 365 days, but I am a realist. I know there will be days where I’ll be busy, or I just don’t want to. I’m happy if on some days I write “sigh” or “meh”. When I look back on those pages I will know how I felt. I’m also happy if I draw on a page instead of write, if the mood should strike.

This challenge will be fun, and I’m excited to look back through the book a year from now. I will have a capsule of my life from 1st January to 31st December, 2018.

I encourage everyone to take up journaling. Do you journal yourself? I’d love to read your methods in the comments.

As always, there is a link to the related video, here.


Em x

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