Tips For Editing Chapters

I have been editing the first two chapters of “Brittany & Charli” Book 1, and found a handy hint to share with you.

As you may know already, I draft in scrivener.  Using my revisions prep notes revisions prep notes, I decided to copy my scenes from scrivener into a Google Doc.  This way it wasn’t as messy when I edited.  All by its self, it changed the font and size of the writing.  I didn’t mind because I was going to be re-saving my work into scrivener.  Having the font changed was helpful as it made my manuscript fresh.

I would recommend changing the size, colour or font of your text.  It gives you new perspective when revising and editing your manuscript .  Also try to revise in small chunks.  I am only working one chapter at a time.  I rewrite the entire chapter with the help of my notes, and the next day I reread it to make sure it has a nice flow.

I plan on putting my first two chapters on my website for you guys to read.  Please comment below if you are interested in reading them and providing feedback.

As always, there is a link to the related video, here.

edit chapter


Em x


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