Why Am I Writing A Series?

If you followed me from the very beginning, you’ll know I first said “Brittany & Charli” was going to be a stand alone.  Then I made it a duology.  Then I made it a trilogy.

This may have struck you as strange.  You may have thought I wanted to split it into three books to make more money.  How cynical of you.

I’ve said previously there was too much stuff to fit into one book.  You may ask, if I were to only write one book , wouldn’t I have known when to draw the line?  When to call it quits.  When the story ends.

Well, I did.  Where book 1 ends is where it was originally going to end all those years ago when I was envisioning the story at 17 years old.  And that was going to be it.  So, then why is there more?


I friggin’ love my characters.  When I was in high school I day dreamed every single thing about my characters.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  I couldn’t stop.  Now as an adult wanting to actually publish the thing, I crack the whip and only let myself daydream when going to bed or on public transport.

So, one day I was daydreaming about what my characters would be doing after “The End”.  I imagine the inciting incident and started freaking out.  It needed to be written.  Then all the effects of this conflict kept coming to me.  I knew there would be a sequel in the works.  (Somehow, last year, I thought I could make these two stories into one… hence the “too much stuff to fit in”)  You’ll see how they are obviously two different stories, needing two separate books.

And now the last question – why on earth 3 books??

I wanted “Brittany & Charli” to be only a duology.  Buuuut, I thought the dear reader may not be happy with my ending.  It was a bit dark and not as hopeful as one would like.  This part of the story is important and needs to be told.  So it is now the beginning of book 3.  This book began because of one of the twins story needed finishing.  I then had the  task of coming up with something for the other twin to round out and end her arc.  Confetti rained when I discovered her story.

Honestly, this trilogy is going to be a masterpiece.  Just sayin’.

When I was in high school, you could have given me any situation and I could have given you the exact answer of how Brittany or Charli would react.  I was deeply invested.  They were all I cared about.

So cliff notes version of this blog.  I’m mega obsessed, therefore one story become a series. (I have another secret story I’ve done the same thing with.)

As always, there is a link to the related video, here.


Em x

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