Favourite Bookish Relationships

With the Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought it was appropriate to discuss books surrounding relationships.  Here are some of my favourites.

Favourite Romantic Relationship

Landon in Jamie in “A Walk To Remember”. This love story had everything I wanted. Popular guy, nerdy girl. Conservative family, rich family. Not wanting to fall in love, but being unable to help it. Joy and sorrow. I came to this story as a teenager, so I didn’t care if the story was soppy or far-fetched in anyway. It was exactly what I needed in a love story.

Favourite Friendship

Hunter and Garcia in “The Crucifix Killer” series. Yep, I’ve brought a serial killer book into a relationship blog. Hunter and Garcia are new partners in the LAPD together. Hunter refers to Garcia as ‘Rookie’ and doesn’t take him seriously and would prefer to work alone. Through the events that transpire in “The Crucifix Killer” (and the rest of the series), Hunter and Garcia create a tight bond and always have each others back. It is the trust and loyalty they show that makes for worth-reading friendship.


Favourite Family Relationship

The Finchs in “To Kill A Mockingbird”. Atticus Finch was the father we all needed. He was strong, honest and compassionate. Jem and Scout came alive on the page. Their sibling relationship was so real to me. Even though it was set in the 1930s, it reminded me of how my brother and I would play in the backyard and the adventures we would get up. In order to create great fictional children you need to give them avid imaginations.
With Valentine’s upon us, isn’t it a great time to dive into some relationship-heavy books?
As always, there is a link to the related video, here.
Em x

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  1. I remembered crying over A WALK TO REMEMBER when I was young (not yet a teenager). Since then I didn’t watch the adaptation or picked up the book because I wasn’t exactly a fan of sad romances. 😬 That movie made me cry so much though.. lol. My mom wanted to see it.

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