How To Not Be Gross When Writing Romantic Scenes

Today on the blog we are discussing a topic very near and dear to my heart.  Don’t you just hate romantic scenes that make you say “eww”.

Head on over to the YouTube video for more details.

Disclaimer: This excludes the genre erotica.

  1. Ease into it. Don’t give us insta-love. Create a friendship that has value.
  2. Leave a little to the imagination. Focus on how the characters are feeling, rather than where they at being felt.
  3. Being coy never hurt anyone. If your characters are indeed having sex, don’t overdo the description. Some writers can make the scenes so much worse by describing every little thing.
  4. How do you like being kissed? Only describe a kiss as sloppy and too much suction if it is supposed to be a bad kiss.
  5. Caressing is great, but groping is not ok. Soft and gentle touches are sensual. Hands everywhere, squeezing and cupping can get a little gross, and groping is not hot.
  6. Make it consensual. Don’t let one partner “man-handle” the other. For example, some writer will have the man grab the girl like she a limp and useless object. Make sure the reader knows it is ok for one partner to grab the other (with credible build up). Better yet, have both partners going at it and equally into it.
  7. Make the couple into it. Make the couple besotted for each other. Make them not be able to stand waiting to see each other. Build the moment up through out the story to the point your reader is cheering when the romantic scene finally happens.


Remember to check out the video for further information.


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