The Flower (#1 of 365)


My parents name me Petunia. Yeh. Petunia.

Noone call me Petunia. I keep my name secret. I tell peoples my name Roxy. I don member why I pick it. I was twelve and thought it sound bad ass.

I ten when leave New Haven. New Haven. One of those towns where the name fool ya. Nothen new and it no refuge. I left n never look back.

I don know what goen on with me family, and had no friends keepen touch with. My skills all self taught. The streets be tough, but me tougher. A cold night curled tween garbage bags that be oflowed from the dumpster isa cosy night compare been chased from street lights, by a hooker who thought I worken her corner.

Sometime I visit Addison. I don think she got many years on me, but maybe she gotta shit togetha. Her hair always smella apples, n stains onna clothes faint from a laundry-mat, and she always shufflen papers round.

Addison works at St Luke church. They let you sleep there, but notfa too long. Mosta time there be somethen to eat, and sometimes there be a new blanket or jacket I can snag. They usually have holes or someone’s bad B.O. But I make use.

I took heapsa buses when I left New Haven.  I not sure how far ere is from there. I thinka took long way round.  But I din know where I goen.  All I knew was I getten out. I don know what it like be a house person inna city. I see em walken bout in they business suits and briefcases. I seen that on TV but din know was a real thin. I never ask em a money but sometimes they chuck change at me. I got hit inna eye n nose one time. That lady look real scared. She bolted, shrieken, after she threw it.

I din know I look that bad til that moment.

Addison was real nice. She want to brush me hair, but kinda gagged when she started. We greed to cut it all off. Roxy look bad ass with a crew cut. Addison look at me with kind eyes, but took me ages a trust her. She still don know where I from n why I left, but I talk to her now. I don go every week. I don think. It harda keep track a time out ere.

I gotta home now. A space tween two buildens that I share wif Ted n Lucia. Lucia don talk much, but she gotta dog name Rosa. I betta friends with Rosa that the two peoples, but least Ted stop grinden himself on me when I sleepen. We gotta good balance tween us all, now.

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