Ok (#73 of 365)

Splashing water on your face over a basin is ok. Being splashed by someone in a pool is not ok.

Hair on a head is ok. Hair in a drain is not ok.

Singing off key in a shower is ok. Signing off key in a bar is not ok.

Sunlight during afternoon drinks is ok. Sunlight during a hangover is not ok.

A leisurely drive to the mall is ok. A drive to the mall during peak hour is not ok.

Talking to a doctor about a rash is ok. Telling your neighbour about your rash is not ok.

Putting rubbish in your kitchen bin is ok. Taking rubbish and hurling it in a dumpster is not ok.

Asking a writer what their book is about is ok. Asking a writer if they based their book on a movie is not ok.

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