SMALL AUTHORTUBER TAG (My Experience On Youtube)

What it takes to be on authortube. My experience being an authortuber. How I schedule youtube videos. How I plan youtube videos. My experience with youtube. Life as a small youtuber.


Writing Romantic Relationships Ideas:

Writing Advice In One Minute:

Why I Hate The Hashtag #GIRLBOSS:

Intro To Story Circle Part One:



Katie Wilson:

Small AuthorTuber Tag Questions:

1. Introduce yourself. What are your top 2 favourite genres to write and what genre do you think you’ll NEVER write?

2. How long have you been on AuthorTube?

3. What is your video set up? Lights? Camera? Microphone?

4. Do you write scripts for your videos or do you wing everything as you’re shooting?

5. How do you balance AuthorTube with writing?

6. Do you bulk film your videos or shoot one at a time?

7. How much do you have to edit/delete out of your videos? (Example: 5-10 minutes? 20-30 minutes?)

8. Do you edit & upload videos the day they’re posting or schedule them in advance?

9. What do you enjoy most about making AuthorTube videos? What’s the hardest part?

10. What’s your favourite video you’ve made?
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