How to set goals when you suck at reaching goals

How to set goals when you suck at reaching goals. Over the last few weeks I’ve evaluates what I really want. I thought back to the previous year and realised I put writing on the back burner and had more of a focus on youtube. It was at a point where I considered youtube my number one priority instead of writing. I really took time to reflect, and realised that 2018 wasn’t my best year. 2017 was.

In 2017 I focused primarily on writing. I was running this blog instead of a channel. I even stopped blogging when I wanted to finish my first draft and I had success. In the last half of 2017 I started my youtube channel and my videos weren’t great but I had fun learning my editing software and writing scripts.

I don’t regret focusing more on youtube and how it works, but in 2019 I will be putting writing number one. So much so, that if I need to complete a writing goal and I am very close to the deadline, I will halt on all other projects, including youtube. Schedule be damned.

So if, you are an avid watcher of authortube, you’re subscription feed may be flooded with 2019 writing goal videos. It can be overwhelming and guilt you into making goals right away, without taking time to think how they will fit in your day to day schedule. This means expectation and reality may not meet. 

Sound familiar? Have you done this in the past? Do you suck at goals and suck at reaching goals? Today’s post is all about taking your time and really reflecting on the past year and making the new year one of clarity, purpose and action.

Review your previous year

Divide a sheet of paper into two and on one side list out the positives, and the other side list the negatives. This is everything from 2018. Writing, youtube, friends & family, binge drinking, overeating, mental health, fitness, trips to the GP, buying new clothes, anything and everything.

Evaluate how you spent your time last year. What did you do too much of and you wish you hadn’t of? What didn’t you do enough of and you wished you had?

Give yourself a WHY

Write down ways you want to improve your life in the new year, and write down why. When you give yourself a why, you give yourself a purpose and there is clarity around the goal. This ultimately helps in achieving the goal.

Take your time

Take your time and don’t be hasty to set lofty goals. Be realistic and set goals that are actually achievable and let yourself reword goals. Reevaluate your goals regularly, whether monthly, quarterly or 6 monthly. If it’s not working and your expectations did not match with reality, allow yourself to change your goals so they can be met. Why feel bad about yourself? Give yourself a win!

Share your goals

Tell someone about your goals. Your mum, your bestfriend, your work colleague, your social media followers. I am still clarifying my goals and I am not sure which goals I will share with all of you, as a lot are personal. If you want to see a post from me on my writing goals for 2019, please comment below.

Drop a comment with any goals you are hoping to reach in 2019, and if this post has brought up memories of 2018. Let me know if there’s anything you are going to stop doing or if there is anything you are going to do more of.

Wishing you all the best for 2019,


Lunatic Writing A Book

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