What Is Writer’s Block? [Breaking Down The Myth]

So you want to write a book… But Inspiration has left you? The magical fairies are gone? Someone send help!!

Well, help and inspiration can be found within. If you think you have writer’s block, it means something in your personal life, work life or creative life is clouding your mind. Today’s post will break down the myth that is writer’s block and get you back to writing!

Self Doubt

Do you doubt your skills as a writer? Are you fearful of reader opinions? Do you need to change the category of age, or amp down the horror scenes or sex scenes? Are you uncomfortable with something you wrote?

Take some time to evaluate what you have written so far, and evaluate what made you stop. If you are fearful to start your story, do you want to write it? Should you tackle a different story idea first?

An Unclear Outline

Have no idea what your character should do next? Has your book gone in a direction you’re not happy with? Grab a pad and a pen and jot down a list of scenarios for your character(s) and give them a WHY. The why in brainstorming is so important as it creates motives.

If you want to start your outline from scratch or overhaul your entire book, I’d recommend delving into my Intro to Story Circle series. This will help you find the reason you are stuck and build clarity over individual characters motives and conflict.

Lack of Energy or Motivation

Feeling sluggish? Time to step away from the keyboard and do some exercise. My favourites are yoga, Zumba and going for a jog. This is how I start my day.

Healthy nutrition is a great pick me up as well. Five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit a day. Also, you may want to add in vitamin supplements for an extra boost. Consult with your doctor about what could be right for you.

What Else Is Calling Your Name?

Do you want to be doing something else? Do you have a non-writing project of life task that is needing to take priority? Do you need to take time away from writing to complete these tasks? Evaluate their necessity and ask yourself if it has to come before writing?

Is Writing For You?

Do you want to be a writer? Maybe it’s not for you. You tried, but it didn’t take?

Is there something deep inside you saying this story needs to be told? Does writing make you happy? Is it fun? Yes? Then get your butt into gear and write that damn book!


What holds you back from writing your book? Leave a comment below and we can tackle this together.

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