Outside (#115 of 365)

Her insides mushed at the thought of venturing outside. Outside meant people. People meant noise, over-crowding and zero personal space.

She vomited before leaving the house. She cleaned her teeth twice but was still convinced everyone knew what she did. She paced the sidewalk with head downcast. She winced every time someone brushed past her. Her back stiffened when anyone touched her to get by.

Her head spun when she arrived at her destination. More people, but it would be over soon. Dread coated her mind at thought of doing it all again to get home.

She was there to say goodbye. An elderly family member, encased in a coffin, was lowered into the ground. She smiled at the irony. She loathed the living, yet left her house for the dead. The dead did not threaten her. They didn’t look down their nose at her. They were silent and she cherished silence.

Goodbye, dear one.

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