Why You’re Not Writing RIGHT NOW

In today’s post, we figure out why you are not writing by assessing the negatives in your life. We break down six areas of life, both physical and mental issues, that could be keeping you from writing all the words.

1. Work problems

Are you working up the courage to ask for a raise and the nerves are getting the better of you? Do you toss and turn at night with thoughts of resigning? Have you witnessed workplace bullying or harassment?

2. Family problems

Is a loved one suffering from a health issue and you need to be by their side? Is there a rift in the family and the grudges are fueling your anxiety?

3. Friendship Problems

Does a friend owe you money and the issue has dragged out for too long? Are you afraid there is a confrontation brewing between your two best friends? Did you hear a vicious rumour behind your back that you want everyone to know is not true?

4.  Relationship Problems

Do you suspect your spouse of keeping secrets? Did someone forget a special anniversary or not show up to a special date? Are you considering moving on from the relationship?

5. Health and Fitness Problems

Are you tired and sluggish because you haven’t worked out in months? Has your diet consisted of continuous take-out meals? Has your anxiety or other mental health issue spiralled out of control and you need to seek help?

6. Home Problems

Take a look around your space. Is it untidy, dirty, disorganised, in disarray? Take some time to clean up and clear out what is not needed. Remember, tidy space, tidy mind.

Time to Assess

Take some time to look over all the areas of your life and deal with the issues you have buried. Time to dig up the problems, tackle them, and get back to your writing journey.

If you can think of any other areas fellow writers may be struggling, drop a comment so we can all help one another.

Until next time, ciao ciao.

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