Difficulty Getting Out Of Bed (Dreaded To-Do List)

I could blame it on the cold. It’s officially winter in Australia, and living Canberra, one of the coldest places in the country, makes it one-thousand-percent-worst. (If you’re new to the blog, hi, I hyperbolize a lot.) Getting out of bed is always something I have struggled with. There is the sensory element of snuggling in a ball and enjoying the heavy weight of a blanket. But, mostly, it’s the daunting to-do list.

Ugh! Who else shuddered at the mention of to-do list. The crazy thing is that everything on my list is things that I truly want to do. For instance, this blog. Every Thursday, a new blog post will post to my website. This is something I want, but it involves figuring out a posting schedule, coming up with blog ideas, finding searchable keywords, and ensuring that every post runs smoothly into the next. It is a big task. At this point, I’ve marked off these items, but they still sends my skin crawling with the thought of that list.

That list remained unchecked for over a month. I knew I needed to create content as I am getting ready for my book release. I need a place for people to get to know me. Here on the blog and over on my youtube channel, everything heads towards one big, main purpose. Promoting my books. But damn, man, it’s a lot.

And that’s only the blog and youtube videos. What about twitter and instagram? What about a monthly newsletter? What will I post to my patreon page and when? And that’s only stuff to do with my author platform. What about cleaning my house? When am I going to get groceries? When will I catch up with friends or visit family? When will I fit in exercise and what kind of workout routine do I want to put in place? When was the last time I got my hair cut? Should I book in to get my eyebrows waxed? Am I behind on paying any bills, and where is the money coming from to pay those bills?

Who else is feeling overwhelmed? And that’s only a snapshot of my list. Think about your own list? What are you not getting to? What is half done? What are you avoiding? Do you want to hide in bed too?

Do me a favour and take three large breaths in and out. Stretch your hands over your head. If you can, bend over and touch your toes. Go outside and take a stroll and take in your surroundings. Watch some videos of dogs playing or cats scared of cucumbers. Feeling better?

Life is always going to have a massive to-do list. It ends one day, but that comes with death. So why not make the most of things right now. Yes, we will get stressed, but we can also take fulfillment in the little things we accomplish. This week, if you could get one thing done, what would it be? This week I want to create teaser taglines for my book release. My book cover isn’t created yet, so I can only create the text, but it’s one step in the right direction.

Remember, if it’s not fun, don’t take it seriously. We are all just a lunatic writing a book.


  1. This. So. Much. Why are to do lists so daunting even when they’re stuff we actually want to do lol? I told myself I was going to write a thousand words every morning starting today and… it’s morning. Still haven’t done it hahaha. But you inspired me! I’m going to start! Love this post! 🙂

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