Trouble Focusing on One Task at a Time

It’s annoying. I get up in the morning with the intent to write or edit a chapter of my book. I start, get one writing sprint in, but my mind is somewhere else. Marketing, blogging, cleaning, shopping, you name it.

Is it ok to stop writing to get another task done? For instance, this blog post. Is it ok that I stopped revising act 1 of book 2 in my series to write this post? I want to polish the sequel, but thought the of blogging were nagging away at me. A few days ago it branding and content strategies. These things need to be done too. Is it ok to move onto them when the mood strikes?

A big problem is that I am bad at future planning. I have a to-do list, but I’m bad at prioritising. I can make deadlines, but in the first stages of planning, I can’t seem to figure out which tasks to complete first. It’s a free-for-all every week. I give myself things to do, but the days allocated constantly change.

And I think this is ok.

If something has to get done, who cares when it gets done. As long as you meet the deadline. For example, the design brief for my book cover needs to be sent to my designer 2-3 weeks before the start date. This is a collaborative effort and I can’t hold them up. But did I need to get the brief ready two months before hand? No. But again, I had an impulse and followed it. Would the brief be as good as it is now if I didn’t work on it when I was truly inspired?

I’m trying to set some rules for myself, like a set writing time or word count every week day. It is in hopes it will help me stay on track with my book projects. What I have found, however, is I hate these rules. I tend to be less productive. Go figure. The way I work, I will spend 3-4 days dedicated to one book project and create lightning-speed progress.

And that’s ok.

Maybe I’m not set up for routine. Maybe I should be grateful for the luxury of time I have in my life right now. I saved a lot of money and was able to quit my job. I’m able to dedicate my time to my book and all the things that go towards promoting them. This isn’t going to last, and I’m going to have to find a part-time job, but for now, life is pretty darn sweet. Who cares if I can’t stick to one task. I eventually find the thing I want to dedicate my day to. Maybe it just takes some time to figure out.

And that’s ok.

Remember, if it’s not fun, don’t take it seriously. We are all just a lunatic writing a book.

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