Waiting On Others [Journey to Practicing Patience]

I am a massive control freak.
What’s that?

Ok, I’m not all that bad, but I hate waiting. It’s one of the top factors why I’m pursing self-publishing and becoming an indie author. But, who knew this journey to publication came with its own wait times. Of course, it’s not as long as traditional publishing, which can involve years waiting for a ‘yes.’

You have to find a professional editor, which takes a lot of research and sampling. I got super lucky and already knew my editor on a personal level, but had to wait for our schedules to line up. In the big scheme of things, I waited a nano-second. In the moment, it felt like an eternity, waiting for a fixed date in my diary.

Then it’s onto finding the cover designer. You can reach out to a designer who has pre-made designs, or book online with a designer who has a two week turn around. I knew what I wanted. I have a cosy, contemporary novel and I was searching for someone who could do the cover justice.

Many designers tended to specialise in fantasy and adventure covers. Their work would not communicate the mood of my novel. So I went with a designer who comes highly requested, and time slots books out fast. They are slow at replying to emails, which to me is like torture, but I wanted to work with them, so I had to wait.

Waiting for emails is a nice segway into beta reading. I love my beta readers. I can’t thank them enough for taking time out of their busy lives to read my novel and provide invaluable feedback. In my second round of beta readers I set weekly deadlines for 6 sets of chapters. People still missed deadlines and I ended up getting feedback in drips and drabs. The schedule went to hell and my patience tested. I was on deadline for my editor, I couldn’t afford the dilly-dallying. I sent emails rounding up the feedback, and then everyone was back on track. So, overall, a great experience. Most betas finished the book faster than asked for. So I need to lay off my control freak nature. Geez, what is wrong with me. Ha ha!

In most aspects of life, you have to wait for others. It’s like a relay race. You can’t move forward until the person before you catches up and tags you. It’s frustrating, but all us control freaks just have to take a chill pill. In the end, everything gets accomplished, even if adjustments are made. Thankfully, I have many things on the go. For example, while waiting for the next set of beta reader feedback, I worked on revising the sequel to my novel. It is important to give yourself other tasks. It avoids sitting down, twiddling your thumbs, and fuming irrationally.

Yes, Emily, I’m talking to you.

Remember, if it’s not fun, don’t take it seriously. We are all just a lunatic writing a book.

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