Winter Demands Writing At Night [Night Writing Routine]

Have you noticed the huge discussion about getting up early to accomplish tasks?

You should get up at 5am and write 4,000 words. There is a big cult following around morning routines, but where is the love for a night writing routine? Is it because of how much effort it takes to get up at 5am? We need everyone to hear about our struggle to do this. Because it is so extremely unnatural to get up that early?

Is that it?

Don’t get me wrong, I have experienced the magic of getting up at 5am and accomplishing 3 major tasks by 9am. It was flipping ah-may-zing. But it’s not a natural occurrence for me to leap out of bed at that time. And now it’s winter. Things are getting a zillion times trickier. So why force myself to get up early?

Huge problem is the cold. Why would I get out of a cosy, warm bed to walk around in icy conditions? Not gunna! Why not stay in bed and get up closer to midday? If there is any sun, it’s begun warming up my environment and it’s a tad more inviting. I can turn the heating on, make coffee and ease into the day.

The best part of starting the day late, you ask? You warm up the house, and by evening its perfect temperature for spending hours typing. So why not lean into writing at night? Winter demands a night routine. Who wants icicles for fingers and a red, dripping nose? Not me!

Right now, I have the luxury of testing out the best times to write. I’m a full time writer and can start my day at anytime. My work days are as long as I need them to be. I know most people aren’t this lucky. Don’t let society make you feel bad about when you get your writing or side-work in. You don’t have to get up before dawn, or stay up past midnight. Do you, and be happy.

Just remember, if it’s not fun, don’t take it seriously, because we’re all just a lunatic writing a book.

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