When Character’s Stop Talking To You [Missing Muse]

Isn’t it weird when characters stop talking to you. Ok, ok. I know their fictional. I know they are in my head. But, isn’t that the point. They are in my head. Shouldn’t I know what they are thinking? Shouldn’t I know what they would do next? How could I ever make their actions, or choice of words, inconsistent?

But it happens. Writers out there, you feel me, right.

When you hit a snag in your plot outline and you don’t know your next move. Like an agonising game of chess. If you’re lucky, you will have a few avenues your character will follow. But sometimes, you got nothin’. I hate these times.

So what do you do when your muse in on mute?

I suggest going back to the drawing board. If you created an outline for your novel, take another look over it. An outline for your novel is a blueprint. It sets up the building blocks of your plot and character growth. Is there anything lacking in your plot outline? Did you miss a key plot point? Is your character’s motivation unrelatable?

If you didn’t outline your novel, you might want to think about pulling out the index cards and colourful pens. Get that creative mind working. Write down what your character the steps your character has already taken. Then write down numerous possibilities of where they can go next. Beyond that you can keep writing scenarios under each possibility. When a light bulb switches on in that melon of yours, you will have the key to continue writing. Hello missing character or plot point!

To get your character talking again, it’s all about asking the right questions. What’s a right question? Any and all of them. Keep asking questions, when you don’t have an answer, rephrase it. keep a notebook handy to scrawl out all ideas, and i promise, you will find the pot of gold at the end.

just remember, if it’s not fun, don’t take it seriously, because we’re all just a lunatic writing a book.

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