Jazz Abadi Character Art by Phoebe Wood (Based on Jazz by Emily Bourne)

Today I uploaded a video to my youtube channel. (Feels like it’s been years!) It is part 1 in a collaboration with talented artist and writer, Phoebe Wood.

In the video, I mention this blog post because I wanted to talk about my initial reactions to the artwork Phoebe created. When she sent me the image, before I watched her speed paint her creation, I thought I saw something that was expected. (Or maybe I wasn’t expecting it.) It wasn’t until I looked twice that I realised Phoebe had perfectly encapsulated my character Jazz Abadi.

Part 1 Of The Collaboration (Emily Bourne’s Channel)

Jazz Abadi Character Art Speed Painting

Watching the speedpaint, I don’t see what I initially saw. That is because the final product takes Phoebe a while to fully envision. As you may know, Jazz is a contemporary romance inspired by Aladdin. You could call it a modern fairytale retelling. So, when I first saw the image I thought, “Huh, she’s created Princess Jasmine.”

The image is absolutely stunning and I loved it at first sight. Comment below if you see Princess Jasmine on first glance!

My second look was seeing the business style jacket. That’s when I realised Phoebe had created my workaholic, glamorous, Jazz Abadi.

Phoebe listened to me when I described my character. She created an image that incredibly represents Jazz’s ‘reveal’ moment. When she sheds her initial self to become a better version.

Initially, I was worried Phoebe had only heard the Princess Jasmine inspired part. This is now so far removed from the fairytale aspect, which is what my novel has become too. My novel is original in its concept and themes, and I have to thank Phoebe Wood so much for her thoughtfulness, creativity, and care with this piece.

Part 2 of The Collaboration (Phoebewoodwrite’s Channel)

Jazz Abadi Speed Paint Character Art

You can find Phoebe at https://phoebewoodcreates.com/commission-information/ and get in touch with her regarding commissioning artwork of your own. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Jazz Abadi has it all. She is an heiress, lives in a luxury mansion, and has the biggest social media following in Maiden City. There’s just one thing missing: the CEO title of her father’s fitness company, Ultimate ME.

As her father’s health declines, naming his successor becomes paramount. But there’s one problem. On paper, Ethan Roth––her father’s dashing and intelligent mentee––is the better candidate. He is a manipulation machine, but he didn’t count on one thing: Jazz is no sucker.

When Ethan proposes Jazz marry him as part of his business plan, she laughs in his face. Jazz runs from the situation, needing time to build a counter-attack. When she finds herself in a drop-in centre for vulnerable people, she is simultaneously invisible and obvious. As she decides to leave, Adrian steals her attention.

Adrian Cassidy is like no man she’s ever met. He’s distrustful of corporations and the wealthy, and treats just another person in the shelter. Jazz has never had a crush, she’s always been adamant that work comes first, but will Adrian be the distraction her heart truly needs?

If Jazz gives into her heart, what kind of person will she become? Will losing focus give Ethan clues to find her? And what will happen if Adrian finds out who she really is?

The Happily After When series is inspired by fairytales. Each book is based on a different fairytale, and Jazz is a modern transformation of Aladdin. The Happily After When series looks at the dangerous lessons fairytales teach young people, including: a woman waiting for a man to rescue her, or young men kissing women without their permission. These books deal with young adult social issues, including: class differences, bullying and racism, lgbt issues, runaways, mental health issues, and violence. They are also contemporary romance stories about beating the odds, with a wholesomeness in an unsettling and dark world.

You could be mistaken for thinking this romance has a love triangle. In Ethan’s dreams! Enemies to lovers is not in Jazz’s plan. But, friends to lovers with Adrian? It may be a secret romance as the thought of a crush makes Jazz wince, seeing it as forbidden love. Becoming stuck together with a soul mate throws her off track. Jazz wants to think about her presentation to the board to become CEO, which she was already distracted from by the proposal of a fake relationship posing as a workplace romance!

And best of luck to everyone on authortube participating in Nanowrimo 2020!

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