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We have enemies to lovers romance books, friends to lovers, soul mates and stuck together tropes, holiday romance and beach reads, romantic suspense, secret billionaire steamy romance books, wholesome and sweet western romance books, black, PC and multicultural relationships romance novels, teen / young adult fantasy romance, and so much more…!

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The Album

What happens when you fall in love with a rock star?

A Marquess Most Alluring

Behind Masks and false identities, they find their undeniable match. But when the masks fall, hearts will break.

Surgical Complications

How would you react when mega-hot athlete Hayden McPhee ends up asking you to be his private nurse for the night?

Queen of the Castle

He’s sure he has everything she didn’t know she wanted.

Dangerous Lust

An Alpha Billionaire Romance with a Side of Mystery


The King is dead, all hail the Queen!

 My Brother’s Best Friend 

Has she been stuck in her own romance novel all along?

The Crown of Thorns and Stars

Fiction romance at its best.

Mildred Just Call Me Sheriff 

A Small Town Western Clean Romance

 The Unbeatable Ace of Spades

Lucky in life? Lucky in love? None of it, but Ace learned to make his own luck.

Introducing Fate

Isabel had known the void would be bad, but she hadn’t realized how intense it could be…


Princess Jasmine in Gotham City. Suspenseful Romance Retelling of Aladdin in Dark, Modern Setting.

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