Release Day for Jazz by Emily Bourne

A fake engagement, romantic suspense, secret identities, class differences, runaways, multicultural relationships, LGBT representation, and a deliciously slow burn romance.

Jazz by Emily Bourne (Happily After When #1) releases today 25th October, 2020. I’m beyond thrilled to share this book with you, and I hope you have so much fun diving into this world. A world I created based on fairytales and the dangerous messages they contain for young people.

Girl Gotta Save Herself

You could be mistaken for thinking this romance has a love triangle. In Ethan’s dreams! Enemies to lovers is not in Jazz’s plan. But, friends to lovers with Adrian? It may be a secret romance as the thought of a crush makes Jazz wince, seeing it as forbidden love. Becoming stuck together with a soul mate throws her off track. Jazz wants to think about her presentation to the board to become CEO, which she was already distracted from by the proposal of a fake relationship posing as a workplace romance!

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