Virtual Author Book Signing

This felt truly like an author event. Well, the lead up to a real-deal author event.

A book club has asked me to speak at their meeting in December. The book club is run by the charity Canteen, and the club is reading my debut novel, In A Mirror.

It is always a thrill when you get asked to contribute to something as an author. First, I was nervous because I had never spoken in front of people before. (Except at school where I would fumble my words and my knees would knock.) But then organiser explained it would be virtual, via Zoom, due to covid.

Phew! I have done my fair share of livestream events over the last few years, so that is somewhat of a comfort.

Most of the group has paperback copies of In A Mirror. As I cannot be there in person to sign the books, I did a virtual signing. I wrote a hand-written, personalised note to each member with a signed book plate attached. I’m a stationery nerd and love snail mail. So this was an absolute joy to do!

I can’t wait to meet the group in December and am giddy at the prospect of new readers enjoying my book (and hopefully more of my books!)

If you have a paperback copy of my books and would like me to post you a personalised letter and signed book plate, email me. If you would like to purchase any of my books, head over to the books tab on my website and see what takes your fancy.

In the crapfest that is 2020, what is something that has brought you joy? Drop a comment below and keep spreading the good vibes. 🙂

If you are in a position to do so, please consider donating to Canteen, a charity dedicated to helping young people dealing with cancer.

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