Indie Author WIP Diaries | New Releases & Keeping The Faith | Emily Bourne

Emily Bourne’s Indie Author WIP Diaries, Episode 3

Today is I received my paperback copies of Aria and In The Haze. I could not be happier with how they turned out! I finished my final proofread of Aria and got it uploaded to Ingramspark and KDP. I’m still working on outlining my book Cara, and I’m trying to not get frustrated that it’s taking longer than usual. Also planning my December spread in my bullet journal for writers and trying to wipe off the last of my tasks on my kanban board!!

Each week, I will let you know what I accomplished when it comes to outlining, writing, editing, publishing, and promotions. Every week is different and busy when it comes to the career of an independent full-time author. I’m going to bring you on the journey of self publishing, hopefully for inspiration and motivation. And, if you are a fan of my work, you can keep up to date with upcoming releases!

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