Release Day for Aria by Emily Bourne

A psychotic sister, a championship, an overbearing father, and the most gorgeous boy she’s ever seen. The new romantic suspense novel you need to read, with lead characters with class differences, runaways, multicultural relationships, LGBT representation, and a deliciously slow burn romance.

Aria by Emily Bourne (Happily After When #2) releases today 6th December, 2020. I’m beyond thrilled to share this book with you, and I hope you have so much fun diving back into this world after the release of Jazz. A world I created based on fairytales and the ugliness of real life. I write these stories to highlight the dangerous messages fables may contain for young people.

Damsels Save Themselves

Aria is a Little Mermaid retelling with a young adult protagonist, but this soul mates, friends to lovers romance is more new adult than teen. The love interests are stuck together when they save each other in a life or death moment, and give each other a second chance through their romance. And romance is something Aria is forbidden to engage in!

Aria Rivera is a Maiden City swimming champion. After taking out the State competition, her father is hungry for more accolades, but Aria is amid an identity crisis. The reminder of a hidden talent and the torment of her mundane life plagues her with insomnia. Aria needs an out, but her lack of education and basic skills shackle her to swimming.

When a curious boy steals her attention from an adjacent swimming lane, Aria begins dreaming. A life without the rivalry for attention and medals with her sister Valeria. A life away from her father’s strict rules. A life with a spark of romance.

But the dreams don’t help when her home life is a threat to her physical and mental well-being. Doomed to stay under her parents’ roof and deal with Valeria’s anger issues, Aria is riddled with sorrow and stress. The boy of her dreams is cursed with the same affliction. When their paths cross, will they be the key to each other’s freedom and happiness?

Catch up on the first book in the series, Jazz, by clicking here.

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