Indie Author WIP Diaries | 5am Drafting Sessions & Book Delays Apology | Emily Bourne

Emily Bourne’s Indie Author WIP Diaries, Episode 4

Today I’m talking about outlining and drafting my new book Cara. It’s scary and weird and thrilling to be writing a book again. I haven’t work on anything from scratch since the beginning of the new year, so it’s almost like being newbie writer again!

Also, a note about paperback delays, voicing my frustrations at Amazon and Ingramspark, and an apology to anyone whose orders haven’t arrived yet. If you are experiencing long delays, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email so I can help ensure books arrive to you.

Also, the kanban board is almost cleared! I did so well this quarter with clearing off my projects and tasks and meeting my writing goals! If you want a video on my 2021 goals and a kanban reset video, please let me know!

Each week, I will let you know what I accomplished when it comes to outlining, writing, editing, publishing, and promotions. Every week is different and busy when it comes to the career of an independent full-time author. I’m going to bring you on the journey of self publishing, hopefully for inspiration and motivation. And, if you are a fan of my work, you can keep up to date with upcoming releases!

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