Kanban Board Reset Without Setting 2021 Goals (Q1)

Today I bring you my kanban board reset and setting up for Q1 2021! As a full time self published author, I need to be on track to finish my tasks and projects to complete my writing goals to publish more books. The kanban board is an extremely helpful productivity too, and I have a playlist below of all my Kanban board videos to truly explain how the system works. The boards are great for personal or work goals, for setting quarterly goals and work great alongside a bullet journal and vision board. I highly recommend for all writers to give it a go!

Time Stamps

00:00 Kanban Board Set Up Q1 2021

00:50 How I Categorise My Kanban Board

01:48 Reset – Clearing The Board

04:10 Setting The Board For The New Quarter

05:30 Why I love the Kanban Board and Recommend You Try It!


My 2021 Goals Reset Playlist

Using A Kanban Board Playlist

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