Cara Release Day!!

Wooo!!!!! Please, share my excitement as the most action-packed book I’ve ever written is published today!!

Cara is the 3rd book in my Happily After When series, which is inspired by fairytales and the ugliness of real life. Cara is based on Cinderella, however, Cinderella was never this tough. Cara is a rough-around-the-edges, pickpocket, who stalks the Nightclub District. She is the first lesbian Lead character I’ve written, and one of the least emotional characters I’ve written. I freaking love her to pieces!!

I hope you enjoy how she shakes up the world of Jazz, Aria, and all the other character you’ve already met in this series.

Cara has no last name. Known on the streets as Girl, she lives a loner life, surviving by picking pockets and providing intel to gang members in the Nightclub District. Slowing down is never an option, until a sexy, soul mate-worthy woman distracts her, and Cara questions her life choices. The moment is quashed when life gut-punches her back to the streets.

Two less-than-desirable sisters invade her turf and remind her of a past best forgotten. More of her past seeps into her present and brings to light the mounting problems for people like her in the lower class district. Cara is forced to take action when it’s apparent she is the only one with the street smarts and skills to bring justice to the community.

One big heist could solve everything. With her sights set on the Mayor’s Masquerade Ball, Cara has no idea her biggest problem still awaits her. The Mayor’s charismatic son, Caden Walsh, who has an appetite for risk, extravagance, and women. Again, a chance at love and her own safety are put in jeopardy. Can Cara escape the ballroom before time runs out?

Want Behind-The-Scenes Access?

I have uploaded a video discussing how I wrote, edited and published this book. If you’re interested in seeing how an author pulls off the entire publishing process, you’ll really get a kick out of this video.

Start The Series

If you are yet to start the series, book 1 & 2 are available on Kindle ebook and paperback copies. The ebook of Jazz is Free, so there is never a better time to grab all 3 books and binge-read now!

(**All books can be read free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription)

Have You Binge-Read My Books?

The Next book I’m working on is In It Together. It is available for pre-order NOW. Get on the train as I take you on the journey to publishing book 6! 

❤ Emily xx

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