HOW TO COPY EDIT A BOOK YOURSELF [Newbie Author Self Publishing On A Budget]

Today I walk you through my process to copy edit my book on a shoestring budget (or if you want to spend zero money!) Especially when marketing as a self published author takes so much time and money! I am not an expert at editing a book, this is just my experience and I hope you get some value and enjoyment from it. We are all newbie authors looking for writing advice, and here’s my story.

Do It Yourself Copy Edits


Proofreading Line Edits, Formatting My Paperback, Finalising Cover, Hitting Publish!!

Vlogging Final Edits Of My Book For Critique Partners To Give Beta Feedback!

Everything I Do As A Self Published Author While Waiting For Beta Feedback

Publishing A Book In 3 Months – Timeline Of All The Steps + Pros & Cons [SELF PUBLISH]


Prowriting Aid (not sponsored but I would love to be!)

COPY EDITING AND PROOFREADING 🖊️ What’s the difference and which do you need? | Natalia Leigh

Edit Your Work by Reading It Backwards by Rebecca Graf

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